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Are Your Brains Trying to Stop You from Exercising ?

Regular exercises turn out to be an excellent way to protect and enhance brain health, releases brain chemical i.e. act as a key for memory, concentration and mental sharpness. Exercise has more effect on your brain than any other parts of your body. It acts as a magic pill that instantly boosts your brain capabilities. Current guidelines suggest 150 minutes of moderate exercising activity per week. Regular exercise is crucial to keeping you physically and mentally fit.


 If you start doing exercise regularly then you feel how daily activities become more easier, your brain helps in ruining a moment of stress that you actually have in that time. It exerts a pressure in your heart. The brain helps in protecting yourself to fighting from stress and fleeing from it. Your brain releases a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This element acts as a repair to your memory neurons and enhances your learning abilities that make a new switch to reset the brain power. This is the reason you feel happy and relaxed after doing an exercise.


 There is a lot going happened to our brain, sometimes it behaves as an active and engaged in physical activity pursuits or inactive in a sphere of activity and your brain trying to stop you from exercising. Active people burn more calories than less active people do. To avoid any experience of discomfort, the brain used to avoid us from exercising despite knowing that it is essential for our health.


Why your brains stubbornly avoid exercising?


You have set up your brain in making your body comfort instead of discomfort and you get away from the physical activity due to inactiveness of body’s health and this may increase the involvement of brain resources. That’s why; your brain is innately attracted to the sedentary behaviours. You may also used to save your body energy and making the brain set up to live a relaxed or hassle-free life. If you put or set up your brain the way you want, your brain makes it a key to perform in that manner.

The brains of the veteran if is in resting condition for about 10 days, they might slow the flow of blood to different regions of their brains and this may affect the hippocampus of the brain by restricted blood flow. The hippocampus is responsible for memory formation, storage and retrieval.


The brain is the most important organ. Whatever you think and feel is governed by your brain cells or neurons connect to one another and what makes them connected in a loop called neurotransmitters.


 Dopamine, a neurotransmitter i.e. responsible for your motivation. It always keeps you motivated. If you are unmotivated is because your dopamine level is low. It determines the level of motivation. Due to this reason, your brains are not motivated to do exercise and trying to stop you from exercising.


The second neurotransmitter is Serotonin. It influences your mood, anger and aggressiveness and helps to keep your brain’s activity under control. If you feel stressed or depressed out and that probably because of your serotonin level is low and that’s why the brain is stubbornly avoiding to do exercise. Studies have shown that exercise has a direct influence on your serotonin’s level, which means that the best cure to depression is simply an exercise.


The last neurotransmitter is Norepinephrine. It is responsible for your attention. If you are not focused particularly is likely because of low Norepinephrine. A high level of it sharpens your attention and a low level of it makes it hard to focus. If you are not focused and interested then your brain is not able to focus on one thing and you try to move to the next one without focusing on the one and therefore, your brain stops you from an exercising.

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