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Essential of A Digital Pharma Marketing Strategy

Pharma industry will be reaching at its peak mainstream in the area of digital marketing after two or three years of interest. This series of interest looks at how pharma can make the right decisions about the technologies, devices and skills necessary to develop effective digital strategies. This will be the key to evoking interest in digital pharma marketing. Various pharma companies have acquired this major transition in making a larger entrance to digital; the demands are higher than ever.


Patients are more concerned than ever online and they are presentable and demanding at the foremost to be in control in their health outcomes. On the other hand, physicians use digital media to stay informed about the latest scientific publications and connect with their peers. Digital marketing has found pace in making the way to set that how it can be benefit pharma companies, patients and physicians. Here we are discussing some essential ways to set a digital pharma marketing strategy. Most companies base their digital pharma marketing strategy based on the current market and competitors. However, as there are not that many pharma companies venturing into digital, there’s found no base of its employee’s efforts. In order to devise a digital strategy, employee needs to indulge in doing creative and seek inspiration in industries outside of pharma.


Aim That Make Digital Marketing Crucial For Pharma Industries


Abundance Of Information Available Online About Product Performance

The abundance of information available online for processing and performance regarding the products. People search online for solutions to their queries. Patients share their experiences with drugs, doctors and companies online, which are available for other patients to see. Therefore, in this digital age, patients are increasingly less dependent on their doctors for advices. Instead they rely on plethora of information available online.

Moreover, pharma companies control release of information regarding their products. They usually used to release this information on need basis and depend on regulatory authority but digitalization has weakened the control on pharma companies in relieving information.


Patients Are Becoming More Active And Engaged In Performing Their Role Towards Health

In past, patients performed a passive role when it comes to their own health treatments. They were not aware at that time and when got sick, simply meet the doctor and start the treatment. This is because they have very little to no information about the treatment options, drugs on the market and the experience of other patients.

With digitization, before meeting a doctor, the patient researches everything about the disease – its symptoms, diagnosis, possible cures etc and has already interacted with other patients. Patients are also more and more aware of their rights and have high expectations from the service providers and the product companies alike.


Process Efficiency Is Improving Exponentially

Process efficiency is going up across industries with data analytics and automation of complex decisions, in turn improving agility, responsiveness, accuracy and quality of business processes. Pharma industry is no exception, they would also need to apply next-generation technologies to stay in the game.


Personalized Care

Pharma companies can provide personalized care through the right usage of digital services, sensors, tech-enabled devices and through processing the data collected by these. This makes a really strong case for digital marketing in pharma industry.


Tech Enabled Competitors Are Marching In

There was a time when information and insights into clinical pathways and patient’s histories were available only in the traditional healthcare establishment – in the paper records of healthcare providers. These used to remain in the clutches of pharma companies.

Today, the big technology giants such as IBM, Apple and many new startups are making in-roads into the healthcare segment. These new players engage with the patient through digital mediums – apps, fitness and health devices, online forums, video channels, live sessions etc.


Essential Of A Digital Pharma Marketing Strategy


Explainer Videos

Videos are everywhere and in every form. There is no other content form that is being consumed by people like they’re lapping up videos of all kinds. Companies are making videos for behind-the-scenes, making-of videos, live from the grounds, funny, satirical, real-life situations and of course every company with a product or service to offer is going for an explainer video.

A pharma brand could create tons of video content for introducing their products, tutorials of safe usage of products, dos and don’t videos, pros and cons of using a particular medicine video, user review videos.

If there is one industry that would really benefit from the video fever, it would no doubt be Pharma.


Influencer Marketing On Various Plattforms

Digital Marketing has given birth to Influencer Marketing and it has become one of the leading tools for a digital marketer now. Influencer Marketing is specially useful for a content-backed niche like Pharma industry. Authentic and verified information coming from reliable influencer pool spread across niche networks like Linkedin, Quora, various healthcare forums and engagement communities, can go a long way into building a Pharma brand using Digital Marketing.


Educational Content

Healthcare industry players like a pharma company can use various Digital Marketing platforms for sharing educational content to help their potential and existing clientele, like explaining symptoms, causes, diagnosis, cure etc. for relevant diseases. The same educational content can then be repurposed on many formats to be distributed across Quora, Blogs, and Facebook etc.


Online Consulting Sessions

Direct interaction with users is very useful for healthcare industry. Digital disruptions like Reddit and, latest to join the bandwagon, Facebook Live have made this seemingly daunting task like a cake walk. Plan, promote and organize Facebook Live sessions with your audience around the topics that matter to them. Answer their queries live and make brand advocates out of your regular users.

You don’t need to worry about big ticket media plans and events to reach out to your audience anymore. Go ahead and run as many Online Consulting Sessions as you want and build a name for your brand.


Social Media Marketing

The age of Social Media Marketing is here, and it’s here to stay. There is no denying the fact that no matter what industry you belong to, you can’t afford not to have a solid presence on relevant Social Media platforms.

Social Media platforms can be very useful for Digital Marketers in Pharma industry. The industry, by design, is full of useful content and information that can be shared with the audience. You can share useful information in various formats like educational videos, infographics, Facebook Live videos etc., to directly interact with and to answer user queries, share links of useful blogs and articles and generate leads by sharing a useful eBook etc.

There are immense opportunities for a digital marketer in Pharma industry to leave a long lasting impact on audience who are stay updated. It’s continuously evolving and emerging in wide areas to show their affects in giving essential and relevant information.

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