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Exercise for keeping abs flat and reduces the fat over the belly

Muscle strengthening exercise will not help to lose weight. The abdominal muscles are hidden under a fatty layer of stomach in the abdominal region. These ab exercises are designed to lose the belly fat and hit the core fat of stomach. Our mission to improve our abs to do the best exercise which suits more preferably and give the best results within the limited time. The most important exercises to lose the belly fat and tone up the abdominal area.

A very common exercise for upper abdominal region is the Crunch. Do not keep your abdomen squeezed while doing a crunch. Whenever do the crunch, remember the two most important things to be kept in mind, firstly during the crunch, the movement is from the shoulder and not the neck and whenever you are crunching, you have to breathe out when your shoulders go up away from the floor. Secondly keep your core engaged or keep your abdomen tight whenever you are doing a crunch position and always sitting in a position to keep your abdomen always tight and not to lose your belly and you will get an awesome results.

Steps of doing exercise:

  1. Lie down on your back and open your legs, keeping legs from shoulder width apart the and your lower abdomen tight and contracted.
  2. Toes and elbows facing straight up towards the ceiling. Always keep the little gap between your chin and your neck when you crunch.
  3. Take your arms under your neck to support and maintain the posture correct.
  4. You lift up your shoulders going up straight,exhale out. Coming back down inhaling again.
  5. Do not bend your elbows and do ten repetitions in one cycle.
  6. While doing crunch, you have to give lot of impact on your upper abdomen keeping your lower abdomen tightly squeezed. So breathing out, we go up and the movement start is from the shoulders.
  7. The shoulders lift away from the mat and you go up breathing out. Hold it for a fraction of a second. Coming back inhaling to the floor again. Breathing out, you go up and inhale, you come down.
  8. Do three sets of ten repetitions. This is the basic exercise for the beginner of reducing fat over the belly and maintain the upper abdominal region flat.

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