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The Importance of Cardio Exercise in Fitness

Being fit now becomes very crucial in today’s life for maintaining good health. Despite our busy schedules, we cannot gather time from our daily life to stay fit but fortunately, most people are thinking for maintaining health is a must and realizing the importance of good health, in order to stay happy, healthy and positive in life. You have to set your goal to simply stay fit that actually matters rather than to gain or reduce weight.


Cardio means cardiovascular. It keeps your heart rate up and increases blood circulation and you will never leave it once you have included in life. Cardiovascular exercise is a key that stabilizes the body to keep fit and it performs a major role to burn off excess calories. Swimming, running, walking, bicycling, treadmill, aerobics are all forms of cardio exercises. They not only contribute to weight loss, but they can also help you gain good muscles. All cardio is a form to burn off calories rather than fat loss. Since fat loss does depend on calories burned versus calories consumed. Cardio workout helps one burn the unwanted and unflattering body fat. If you are only focusing on cardiovascular exercises you might lose weight from burning calories. We all know that obesity can cause life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc. Cardio workout burns more body fat in a limited period of time, which is why including them in your fitness is a must.


Cardio provides a wide variety of health benefits:

  1. Improved heart health
  2. Increased metabolism
  3. Management of diabetes
  4. Burns calories quickly
  5. Increase in endurance
  6. Contributes to good mental state of mind and healthy skin
  7. Increases blood flow to the muscles


Facts about Cardio Exercise

  1. Do cardio with empty stomach
  2. Burns fat/muscle/weight
  3. Overweight
  4. 3-4 times a week
  5. 20 minutes cardio is good for health.


When people start an exercise, they generally not knowing an exercise routine what to do or have any method to their training. Cardiovascular training is not only a great way to look and feel your best, but it will keep your heart and lungs healthy, too. Here are some do’s and don’ts on cardiovascular training that is most important and make your lifestyle changes.


Do and Don’t of Cardiovascular Exercise



Do cardio exercise 3-4 times a week and complete 100 minutes

The exercise you perform on daily basis/ how many times per week is a way that you notice the tracking of minutes that will keep your capacity maintained and give the stamina to do 20-25 minutes. If you have a great stamina some other days and you would like to proceed your minutes exercise about 45 minutes (but don’t exceed that). By probably doing in this way, you will notice that your body intensity gets increased and it helps in maintaining your stamina.


Do try different forms of exercises

If you are doing the same kind of cardio exercises every day, you find yourself to get bored and by the time passing, you ruin your enjoyment and doing exercise will become a punishment. Always try new ways to do cardio. Examples like aerobics, zumba dance, climbing on rope and stairs, scuba diving, horse riding, cycling.


Increase cardio fitness by increasing your intensity and frequency

You should always monitor your intensity by wearing a heart rate monitor. It helps you in determining how much calories you burn off and should maintain your fitness level by checking the monitor of calories burnt. The fitness level can be checked by BMI (Body Mass Index) i.e. the ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of height in centimeters. It exists in between the range of 18-30.

             <18          : Underweight

             18-24.9  : Normal

             25-29.9  : Overweight

             >30         : Obesity

Understanding exercise intensity correlates that how hard you have stamina in doing an activity you perform. It determines your breathing and heart rate whether you’re sweating and how easily you tired soon. The basic way to calculate your maximum heart rate is to subtract your age from 220. For example, if you're 45 years old, subtract 45 from 220 to get a maximum heart rate of 175. This is the maximum number of times your heart should beat per minute during exercise.


Do 15- to 30- second breaks between the cardio exercise

Instead of working out for an hour at an easy-to-moderate intensity level, step it up a notch. Challenge yourself to 30 minutes of nonstop, intense exercise. You can take 15- to 30-second breaks but move quickly from one workout to the next. Give it 100% for 30 minutes, instead of 75% for an hour.



Do not exceed the limit of training

Exceeding the limit of training not only fatigue you but can also increase a risk of injury. And when you are injured, you can’t exercise. Over-exceeding the limit of training does not mean that you are able to weight loss easily but it will affect your body strength and stamina. Don’t try to do much, be sure to do with steady and realistic rate.


Do not get stuck on similar exercise or in the same routine

People who involve in doing the same routine of exercise every time, their body will adapt to that routine and become very efficient to do that particular workout and won’t need to spend as much energy as their body can spend in doing a new one. You will lose much fewer calories while doing the same exercise. Try to add more new exercises to your daily routine and after a period of time, switch to other new exercises.


Do not exhausted from working hard enough

Cardio exercises improve your fitness level and get energized to perform whole day activity but over exercising might exhaust your stamina and get tired enough bring your mood down, feeling sleepy and exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your day a chore.


Do not forget the importance of nutrition

Too often people will work out hard and then reward themselves with bad food. If you really want to reward your body, you should give yourself nutrients needed to replenish and repair it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to unhealthy foods every once in a while. Unhealthy food not only loads your body full of extra calories than that is required for a daily routine to keep healthy and fit. Don’t exercise just so you can eat badly. Nutrition is extremely important for not only seeing physical results but feeling your best during and between workouts.

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