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Environment & Health Safety

An integral part of pharmaceutical manufacturing in India, we are one of the most renowned and trusted companies globally. We are fully committed to the safety and health of all our stakeholders, including employees, contractors, and visitors. We take utmost care of our environment and use modern methods for waste management and hygiene so that the risks are eliminated.

We organize workshops that train people to contribute to the safety of the environment & eliminate pollution.

EHS Objectives

• To identify, maintain and update systems to improve safety, health and keep a check on the environmental hazards and risks associated

• To identify the high-risk areas and improve working conditions to prevent accidents, health dangers, and pollution

• To minimize waste generation and promote recycling and harvesting rainwater

• To cut down the energy and power consumption

• To minimize harmful solids, liquids and gas emissions

• To spread safety awareness with adequate training and drills

• To work with suppliers who have sound health, safety, and environmental policies