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Our Corporate Office is located in Delhi, the capital of India. Our plant is located in Dehradun, the capital of the picturesque hill state of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is 255km away from Delhi and can be reached by Air, Train & Bus.

Key features include:

• Area of over 7,000 sq meters with separate buildings for Manufacturing, Office & Utility

• Based on uniflow concept with separate entries for each production area both for man and      material

• Eco-friendly and egronomic design of the Building & Premises

• Latest and best in class HVAC, Water and other Utility Systems

• Effective water and waste management

• Good Manufacturing Process Records

• Over 10,000 sq ft area dedicated for Quality Control and Quality Assurance Activities



Dosage Forms Installed Capacity Per Shift – Annum (In Millions)
Tablets 400
Hard Gelatin Capsules 200
Sterile Powder Injectables 15
Liquid Injectables (Vials and Ampoules) 15
Liquids (Syrups) 600 KL
Ointment 90 Tonnes


2017-05-03tablet-119.jpg 2017-05-03tablet-126.jpg 2017-05-03tablet-128.jpg 2017-05-03tablet-130.jpg 2017-05-03tablet-135.jpg 2017-05-03tablet-140.jpg
2017-05-03Dry-175.jpg 2017-05-03Dry-176.jpg 2017-05-03Dry-181.jpg 2017-05-03Dry-190.jpg
2017-05-03Liquid-195.jpg 2017-05-03Liquid-202.jpg 2017-05-03Liquid-205.jpg 2017-05-03Liquid-210.jpg 2017-05-03Liquid-212.jpg
2017-05-05utlities1.jpg 2017-05-05utlities3.jpg 2017-05-05utlities2.jpg
2017-05-03Ointment-241.jpg 2017-05-03Ointment-247.jpg 2017-05-03Ointment-248.jpg 2017-05-03Ointment-257.jpg 2017-05-03Ointment-262.jpg 2017-05-03Ointment-269.jpg
2017-05-03310.jpg 2017-05-03311.jpg 2017-05-03327.jpg 2017-05-03329.jpg 2017-05-03330.jpg 2017-05-03331.jpg 2017-05-03333.jpg
2017-05-03Facilities-265.jpg 2017-05-03Facilities-271.jpg 2017-05-03Facilities-272.jpg 2017-05-03Facilities-315.jpg