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We have come a long way, but still, have many miles to go before we reach our goal……..

In the year 1959, noted pharmacist Late Shri O.S.Bhargava felt the need to establish a world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing company and follow the visionary principles of our national leaders of self-reliance. It was the beginning of a long and eventful journey into the pharmaceutical sector. Cooper Pharma, was founded in the year 1959, in Delhi. Since our inception, the vision has been to provide quality & affordable medicines to all and make them available at all leading pharmacies across the nation.

Cooper Pharma has evolved from a manufacturer serving the Indian patients to catering to people across the globe. The facilities are continuously expanded and integrated with the development of the latest products.

Exports were started in the year 1991 and have increased ever since.

In 2007, a new export-oriented manufacturing facility was set up in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand in North India.

Over the years, we have been awarded and have earned acclaim for our quality standards and services, both in India and across the globe.

Thus, we are strong technically, commercially and morally. In our pursuit of growth with internationally approved healthcare products and our flight for excellence, each achievement is just another milestone in our journey and is not the ultimate destination. Growth, which is based on excellence and integrity, is a continuous process in our company.



The first plant set up in Delhi. Only a few products manufactured and sold in the Northern states of India.


Products available at major pharmacy chains, across the country, thanks to the continuous expansion.


Exports started with nearby Asian countries.


Expansion of exports, with products available in bigger markets in Asia, Africa, and other countries.


New unit set up in Dehradun. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across dosage forms.

2007 Onwards

Expansion of markets and development of the latest pharmaceutical formulations. Products now available in more than 25 countries and on leading online pharmacies.